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TfL’s starts losing the Victoria Coach Station land from 2023, due to a combination of leases expiring and land being earmarked for Crossrail 2.  TfL have been conducting investigations into alternative locations to relocate Victoria Coach Station to for the last year.  They are considering a range of options from having no Central London coach station to relocating the entire operation to another site.  Their most popular option is relocating two thirds or Victoria Coach to Royal Oak as a West London hub and diverting the remaining third to an East London hub.  14 million people a year use Victoria Coach Station.

TfL has focused their search on land they already own.  The Royal Oak site, which stretches from Lord Hill’s Bridge to Westbourne Terrace is 10,000 sqm of undeveloped land in Central London which TfL is investigating transforming into a Coach Station with a shopping centre and luxury tower block.  TfL is looking to capitalise on the number of tube stations in the locality so as not to have to invest in transport and infrastructure.  They have calculated that it will be the same distance to walk from Royal Oak Coach Station to Paddington and the Elizabeth line as it currently takes to walk from Victoria Coash Station to the tube.

TfL is fast tracking plans to make a decision in the Spring.  TfL would then need to submit a planning application to Westminster City Council, this would start the public consultation.  The Coach Station plans are against Westminster City Council’s planning guidelines and city plans. TfL expects two years of legal wrangling and conflict, where the Mayor of London (also TfL’s Chairman) can overrule Westminster City Council by deeming it a strategic development.  We estimate TfLwould then need two years for the build to meet their deadline of 2023.

We oppose these plans because:

  • A coach station will increase the pollution.  Pollution kills 1 in 7 people globally a year; it is a major cause of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, infertility, asthma attacks and impacts mental health.  Even if the coaches individually meet the required standards, it is the volume of coaches that will have an impact along with all the other vehicles that accompany a coach station (pick up / drop off, taxis, delivery and service vehicles)
  • Marylebone Road, administered by TfL as a strategic travel hub, is already the most polluted road in Europe, adding a coach station in the vicinity will compound the problem
  • Bayswater has a high density of local schools, colleges and nurseries, the impact on our children’s health of a coach station would be harmful.  London should emulate Paris and locate their main coach station outside of central London
  • Bayswater does not have the infrastructure to absorb up to 14 million additional travellers a year.  Our streets are too narrow, our tubes are already overcrowded at rush hour; it is a quiet residential area unsuited to a large international transport hub
  • Bayswater does not have space for the influx of vehicles and cars, our streets would become backlogged and congested and our parking would be overwhelmed
  • We would be likely to lose Royal oak tube station during the build, a key travel route for local commuters
  • Coaches will be redirected throughout our local roads unsuited for an onslaught of large coaches, such as Marylebone Road, Edgware Road, Bayswater Road, Bishops Bridge Road and Westbourne Grove
  • TfL’s plan to remove Ranelagh Bridge, depriving us of our access to the A40, possibly needing to route traffic to Shepherd’s Bush to join the motorway
  • We do not need an empty luxury tower block, we understand from developers there is little uptake on the scheme due to viability doubts
  • The local area has been regenerating over the last decades, a coach station would reverse that trend
  • Large international hubs are accompanied by an increase in anti-social behaviour
  • The shopping centre will compete with the shops on our high street, which are already struggling
  • The site is the only central London section of greening that cross rail achieved, we want TfL to honour that environmental commitment
Key Dates and Events

Key Upcoming Dates, Volunteers Needed

2:00 pm Sunday, 24th February: Spread the Word

We will be delivering addressed newsletters to local residents in the surrounding vicinity.  Volunteers are needed to help us get the word out.  Meeting outside Waitrose on the corner of Porchester Road and Bishop’s Bridge Road, W2 6ES.  Please join us.

2.30 pm Saturday, 2nd March: Children’s Photo

We are inviting all local children and young adults to join us for a group photo protesting TfL’s plans to relocate Victoria Coach Station to Royal.  Banners and placards will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own.  Meeting point outside Waitrose , the corner of Porchester Road and Bishop’s Bridge Road, W2 6ES.  (Photo will take place outside Hallfield Primary, 2 mins walk away.)

7.30 Monday 11th March: Spread the Word

Join us to hand out leaflets in front of local tube stations to early morning commuters.  Please get in contact  for more details, or check here for involved tube stations.  If you would like to lead a session at your local tube station please get in touch and we will co-ordinate efforts.

4.30 pm Thursday, 14th March: Protest and Deliver Petition

We will be meeting outside Tfl’s Southwark Head Office, 197 Blackfirars Road, SE1 8NJ to respectfully protest TfL’s plans to relocate Victoria Coach Station to Royal Oak.  We invite all local schools, groups and members of our community to join us.  If you require travel assistance please get in touch.

Email us at: or using the Contact Us page

How to Help

 Sign the petition and encourage family, friends and neighbours to sign the petition.

Join us to spread the word at one of our campaign days on 24th February and 11th March.  (See the Key Dates and Events tab for more information).

Put up a poster, you will shortly be able to download one from here, but in the meantime if you contact us we can either email you one or bring one round.

Volunteer to be a point of contact for a community network (e.g. parents, fitness, church group) or for a local area.

If you have useful skills or expertise please get in touch, such as PR, comms, graphs, social media, travel, research or environment please get in touch.

If you have any contacts with the press and radio please get in touch.

Join us at our protest outside TfL’s Head Office on 14th March, when we hand over our petition.  We would like to invite everyone to join us, if you require transport please get in touch. (See the Key Dates and Events tab for more information).

Keep spreading the word.

You can contact us on or through the contact us page.

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